Meaning behind the Company Logo

The shadow of the Company logo of “Logos Advisory” is “Λόγος Advisory”.  “Λόγος” is the Greek spelling of “Logos”.  “Λόγος” is an important word of philosophy and wisdom and means “knowledge”, “word” ,“opinion”, “principle”, “reason” and “doctrine”.  In Bible it even said that through “Λόγος” all things are made.

“Logos” is translated into 「理道」as the Company’s Chinese name which means the good methodology of management.  Founders of “Logos Advisory” want to apply the spirit of “Λόγος” or 「理道」into business and sincerely expect to use their professional knowledge and experience to provide useful opinion and services to clients and help clients to make things better.

Core Values

Our core values are Professionalism, Integrity and Effectiveness.